Review of The Bible Unwrapped

Darnell Barkman, pastor of Yarrow United Mennonite Church (Yarrow, BC)

Meghan Good has created a new resource to understand the Bible as a story. In it she gives clear instructions on how to interpret the Bible in layperson's terms.

I love origin stories. How did Bruce Wayne become Batman? How did Michael Jordan get cut from his high school basketball team but become the greatest in the NBA? How did God save the people of Israel from Egypt? These types of questions demonstrate some of the flavor in the 36 short chapters of The Bible Unwrapped.

Good uses contemporary images (e.g. the story of Batman) to show that Christian scripture is a trustworthy standard for Jesus' followers today. Writing very accessibly, she shows how scripture is breathed by the Spirit of God and shaped by human minds and hands to guide us to God’s fullest revelation in Jesus Christ.

In Jesus, God walks right into the middle of our disturbing, scary, violent, unholy stories and puts his healing hands on them, on us. Jesus celebrates life with wine, laughs and cries. And bleeds when the world turns against him, dying alone, crucified. But, revealing the power and love of God, Jesus forgives and rises from the dead as sovereign of all creation.

The Bible Unwrapped will breathe new life into how you read the Bible, whether you have formally studied it before or not, and is perfect for people who want to rediscover scripture as story. Good maps out the biblical narrative while also reassuringly teaching the hermeneutical process. Her overview creates a feeling of familiarity with the story while also heightening a further curiosity. I recommend reading it playfully and having it tease out new paths for your group’s exploration of the Bible.

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