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2019 Outreach Magazine Resource of the Year: Theology/Biblical Studies Category

“Ordinary Christians have the Bible available in more forms than ever before but are not reading it, are uninformed about major blocks of it and are consequently falling more easily for unorthodox and unbiblical ideas. Meghan Larissa Good’s accessible, witty and theologically sound introduction to the Bible manages to introduce complex ideas—like translations, hermeneutics and genre—in ways that translate into a deeper desire to read the Bible. The Bible Unwrapped is filled with short, memorable chapters and engaging stories.”
—Scot McKnight

MennoMedia, Mennonite Church USA, and the CommonWord Resource Centre of Mennonite Church Canada are partnering to encourage all Mennonites to read The Bible Unwrapped: Making Sense of Scripture Today, by Meghan Larissa Good.

Many people have questions about Scripture they are too afraid to ask. Drawing from the best of contemporary biblical scholarship and the ancient well of Christian tradition, scholar and preacher Meghan Larissa Good provides answers to those questions. More than that, she demonstrates why the Bible matters and how it can be understood by people today.

The Bible Unwrapped invites readers to faithful reading, communal discernment, and deep and transformative wonder about Scripture.

#CommonRead will take place in Mennonite churches between July 2019 and May 2020.

Resources for study

Free resources have been prepared to make it easier for congregations to dive into The Bible Unwrapped. Follow the links below to find:


In the U.S., call MennoMedia at 800-245-7894 and mention #CommonRead to receive a discount on your order and have any handling fees waived too!

In Canada, call CommonWord at 1-877-846-1593 and mention #CommonRead to receive a discount on your order!

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