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Vacation Bible School 2015: Message Received

Do you hear Gods message for the children in your congregation and community? Message Received: Hearing Gods Call lets children know that God continues to call all kinds of peopleincluding them! Order now to bring this dynamic, all-in-one VBS kit into your congregationand let the stories of Samuel, Esther, Mary, and others come alive in their hearts. Order the boxed set before December 5, 2015 and receive 20% off.


What if reconciliation is central to the biblical message?

And what if Christians, who have been missing the mark for millennia, are waking up to the reconciling mission of God? Reconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians, by international mediator John Paul Lederach and with a foreword by Bill and Lynne Hybels, serves as a guidebook for Christians seeking a scriptural view of reconciliation and practical steps for transforming conflict. Order here.

Watch an interview with author John Paul Lederach:

The Spacious Heart

Why do people, including Christians, feel empty, estranged and cynical? Many of us have tired of the pat answers that the church and religion have provided about our questions about faith and meaning in life. We know there's moreand we stand on the cusp of spiritual awakening, longing to reshape our connection with God. Order here.

Anyone wanting to become more loving, in touch with feelings, friends and family will find hope and direction in this easy-to-read book on the spiritual journey. We are all hungry for a full-flavored life, yet we ignore our deepest soul and quiet our cravings with more of everything. How does one embrace a spiritually simple lifegracious, accepting and fulfilling?

Shine On: A Story Bible


Grow lifelong faith one story at a time. Each story in Shine On is beautifully crafted, maintaining the spirit and poetry of the biblical text in language that is fresh and engaging for children. The 320-page hardcover is filled with lively illustrations that help children of all ages connect to the stories. As a bonus, sidebars with thought-provoking questions, interesting facts, and simple activities invite families and congregations to take each story a few steps further. Learn more and order here.

Shine: Living in God's Light

Explore God's love with the new Shine Sunday school curriculum! Engaging stories and activities will help children find meaning in the biblical stories, understand that they are known and loved by God, and learn what it means to follow Jesus. The Bible-based materials invite everyone to shine God's light in the world!

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